Pregnant? 5 Tips for a More Comfortable Move

Moving can be a stressful period for anyone, but it becomes increasingly hard when you're moving while pregnant. If you're currently several months pregnant or will be during the time of your upcoming move, it's important that you make special plans to help make the transition as easy possible. By knowing what changes to make when moving while pregnant, you and the baby can stay healthy during this process.

Start as Easy as Possible

In order for the move to go smoothly, it's recommended to make plans as early in advance as possible. A lot of families make the mistake of getting so caught up in preparing for the baby that they let moving plans be forgotten. By making plans several months in advance, you can breathe easy knowing things like your new home, moving truck rental, and route are all taken care of.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

While you may be comfortable with lifting boxes and moving furniture on your own, it's not a safe option once you're pregnant. Having someone assist with heavy lifting can help ensure that everything is carefully loaded into a moving truck without any strain on you.

Take Frequent Breaks

The day of your move can come with a lot of stress due to wanting the moving truck to be loaded quickly and for nothing to be left behind. With all this activity, it's important to remember that you need to stay relaxed to prevent stress on you and the baby. A good rule for the day of your move is to schedule regular breaks for some quiet time, a snack, and getting hydrated.

Ask for Help

It's common for people to not want to bother friends and family with their move, but this can be a bad idea if you're moving while pregnant. Your loved ones will have no problem assisting with your upcoming move and you can make the experience even easier when you host a small moving party with music and provided snacks.

Pack an Emergency Bag

Once everything has been loaded into a moving truck and you're ready to hit the road, it's so helpful to have a small emergency bag with you. This bag should include contact information if you need to visit the doctor, comfort amenities such as blankets and a neck support pillow, essential vitamins, and more. By keeping this bag with you during the move, you can be much more comfortable during the trip to your new home.

Preparing for an upcoming move requires some special care when pregnant, but devoting time to planning with your baby in mind can ensure that the experience goes well. Talk to resources like Right Move Moving & Storage in Edmonton for more tips or assistance.