Tips On Storing Stuffed Animals Long Term

Your children's favorite stuffed animals are precious. No matter how old your children become, they will still remember and feel that attachment to the animals they hugged, played with, and cried into during those younger years. When it comes times to pack away these precious toys, you want to make sure they will last.

Here are some tips on storing stuffed animals long term.

Space Bags

Space bags are great if you don't have much space to store several stuffed animals. You fill the bag up with as many stuffed animals as you can and then use a vacuum to suck the air out of the bag. The stuffed animals will become impossibly flat. Without any air inside, the stuffed animals won't become ruined because of temperature or humidity. You won't fear rodents or bugs, either.

Storage Units

If you already rent a temperature or humidity controlled storage unit, you could just place those stuffed animals in there. Toss them into a large plastic garbage bag and make sure to close up the top completely. You might consider wrapping the top with tape. The storage unit will do all the work to keep the animals safe.

Remove Stuffing

One reason why stored stuffed animals tend to get destroyed during storage is because mice and rats like to use the stuffing as bedding to build their homes. One way to combat this is to remove all the stuffing inside the toy. Cut open a small area along a seam on the main body of the stuffed animal. Pull out all the stuffing and throw it away. When you want to bring out the toy again someday down the line all you have to do is refill it with new stuffing.

Plastic Tubs

If you're worried that your children will miss the stuffed animals and want them sooner than expected, you can store them in a way that allows for easy access. Toss the stuffed animals into a plastic tub with a tight fitting lid. Tuck them away in a closet, attic, or garage. They will be safe from bugs and rodents. You can pull out any stuffed animal that your children begin to miss. Don't leave these tubs in an area where the temperature changes often for too long or you risk damage.

Acid-Free Paper and Silica Gel Packs

For some extra protection while storing you stuffed animals you might consider wrapping them in acid-free paper or storing them with silica gel packs. Acid-free paper withstands temperature, water, and humidity. Wrap your stuffed animals with the paper for extra protection. Silica gel packs absorb moisture to help protect your toys.

With these tips, those precious stuffed animals will still look good as new years from now. Talk to experts like Canadian Stor-All for more information.