Long-Distance Moving: In-Car Games To Play That Don't Require Electronics

When you're moving, you can definitely get anxious. If you get antsy, think about how the kids are going to feel. Whether you don't allow your kids to have electronics, you want an electronic-free ride to the new home or you simply want to have some fun in the car as a family, these games can be played in the car without needing any kind of electronic device or help from the professional movers (such as those from A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc.):  

Even or Odd License Plates?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and choose a scorekeeper. Each person will make a guess of how many of the next 20 or 25 license plates will end in even numbers (or odd numbers). Once everyone has made their guess, start watching for license plates and writing down how many end in the appropriate number. The person who comes closest to the right number gets a piece of candy at the next gas station. For kids in elementary school who are learning their numbers and the difference between even and odd numbers, this can be an educational and fun game at the same time. In truth, it can be fun for the entire family.

Unfortunately, But Fortunately.

This is a really fun game in the car, especially if the kids are starting to get anxious about the next pit-stop. This is a gem that consists of making contrasting statements. One person will make up a statement starting with the word "Unfortunately," and the next person will make up a statement that corresponds to that statement using the word "Fortunately". For example, "Unfortunately, there is a lion following behind us," which could be followed by "Fortunately, I'm a professional lion trainer."

Speak Only in Lyrics.

This is a game that involves everyone talking to one another in lyrics. There is no singing permitted either, which makes this a very interesting game because it is so hard not to sing lyrics. If you sing, you're out. The last person who has managed to speak in lyrics without singing wins a prize of their choice. If you don't want to do lyrics, you can do song titles.

Name That Food in ABCs.

This game starts at the beginning of the alphabet. The first person will state a food that starts with the letter A. The second person will name a food that starts with the letter B. This goes on and on until you reach Z. You can keep it simple and do it just as mentioned already, or you can spice things up and make the game a bit trickier by requiring the previous food(s) to be named before you name your own. For example, if you had the letter C and the previous foods named were "Apples" and "Bananas," you would have to say "Apples, Bananas and Carrots".

Moving out of the province or across the country can be a stressful, overwhelming time of life for adults and kids alike. By planning plenty of games to participate in while in the car, you are sure to reduce some anxiety and increase the levels of fun inside the vehicle. Focus your time on the trip and making your kids comfortable during the ride and let the professionals handle the packing, transporting and unpacking of your household items.