Getting Ready for a Move? 4 Tips for Packing All of Your Electronics

Although it may seem like moving is a simple and straightforward process that just takes up a lot of time for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, it can get quite complicated. If you want to arrive at your new destination with fully functioning electronics, you cannot go without any planning in your packing. For the most part, it comes down to following a few tips that are fairly easy to follow.

Protect Speaker, Tweeter, and Subwoofer Cones

Some speakers, subwoofers, and tweeters for your television or computer will have delicate parts, mainly the cone, that you need to watch out for when packing your items. It is best to protect the cone by wrapping the sensitive area in bubble wrap, which will keep it from getting in contact with anything else. Following up with a layer of packing tape will better protect it from puncturing.

Remove Base Stands from TVs and Monitors

Whether you have a single television or multiple computer monitors, you should do everything you can to make them easier to move to avoid unnecessary damage. Although it is possible to find replacement base stands, the ideal way to protect these items is to remove the stands altogether. Naturally, this will make TVs and monitors less bulky, so you can enjoy better maneuvering.

Avoid Unnecessary Strain to Cables

Cables are a part of electronics that do not get enough attention. Depending on the item, if you let the cable go to ruin, you are going to be shopping for a replacement device, and not just a new cable. Wrapping cables tightly around the device or around your elbow will only cause unnecessary strain. The method that professionals use is the over and under method, which involves letting the cable create its own wrapping path and simply following the pattern to wrap it in a somewhat orderly fashion.

Take Pictures of the Cabling

If you want to get to your new home without worrying about which plugs go where, you should just take pictures of everything that you have related to electronics. The most important part is your computer, which is not that easy to figure out, unless you have extensive experience with computers. A few pictures will show you where each cable goes without having to pull out a manual book or ask for help.

Moving can seem like a walk in the park at times, but it is important to pay attention to minor details, such as how you pack your electronics, to have a positive move with no unfortunate surprises. For bubble wrap or other packing supplies, consider getting them from a local supplier, such as Blakes Moving & Storage.