Tips For Preparing Your Package For Shipment Via Courier

Partnering with a courier that can deliver your packages across the city or even beyond during the same business day can make your life easier as a small business owner. Whether you're eager to impress a new customer with lightning-fast shipping or you're simply trying to get your products to your customers quickly before the holidays, a same-day courier service can be the answer. Some couriers will pick up your packages at your place of work, while others will need you to visit a central hub -- whatever the case, keep these tips in mind to make the pick-up or drop-off process as quick as possible.

Ensure The Contents Are Perfectly Secure

Even if the box you're sending isn't going far, you want to take steps to ensure that it's properly protected along its journey. While some courier companies can provide you with extra packing materials or tape to secure your items, this takes extra time that you might not have. Cram sheets of bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts or air-filled bags around your item until there's no free space left in the box. Close the box and give it a shake -- ideally, you shouldn't feel or hear anything moving. When the contents are secure in this manner, you can cover the box with clear packing tape.

Double Check The Recipient's Address

It might seem like common sense to be sure that you've correctly identified the recipient's mailing address on the package, but some business owners are in such a rush to prepare their products for shipping that the miss a postal code or an office unit number. These issues can delay the arrival of the package and even make you look disorganized to your customer. One effective way to ensure that the recipient's address is always correct is to print it on a label directly from the invoice that the customer fills out.

Place The Necessary Stickers On The Exterior Of The Box

If you're mailing fragile items, it's beneficial to ensure that they're properly marked as such. Invest in a roll of "Fragile" stickers that you can place around the box so that your courier will take extra care with the item along the way -- and so your customer will also handle it properly before opening it. If the contents of the box have an ideal location, you can mark "This End Up" on the box to additionally keep the contents secure. Contact a courier company like Motion Express for more information.