4 Tips for Handling a Move Out Stemming from Divorce

If you have recently gone through a divorce or are separating from your spouse, this can be a tough process. If you are the one moving out of the family home, this can add a layer of stress to your move. Here are four tips to help ease tension and stress when moving out of your family's home because of divorce or separation.

1. Be Prepared to Let Things Go

Even if there are items or furnishings that you love in your home, this might be a time to cut your losses and let things stay where they are. This will enable you to move on quickly and not disrupt your child's home if you have a family as well. Don't try to strong-arm your spouse into letting you take items or be sneaky with certain items or pets as this can be upsetting for kids and your ex-spouse. 

2. Get Your Items Ready for Movers

Even the most organized moves can be confusing. If you are moving some things and leaving others, this can rapidly derail a move. If you can get items ready and in one area of the home, this will help residential movers when they are loading up the truck. If you and your spouse can amicably go through the home and label what you will be taking with you, this will make moving day simpler and less tension-filled.

3. Utilize Storage if You Can

While it is hard to move on after a divorce, physically taking what you can when you move out might be the most healthy thing for you to do in order to move on. Don't drag out living with your ex just because you haven't found the perfect home. You might have better luck finding a temporary spot and putting other items in storage. This will give everyone in your family a space to breathe and a chance to adjust to the new makeup of your family moving forward.

4. Move When Kids are Away

If you are moving out of the family home, this will be a tough transition for your kids. While children need to know what is going on and be aware that you are moving out, they don't necessarily need to be present during your actual physical move. Schedule movers on a day that your kids are at school or away for the day to keep emotions from overcoming them at the physical sight of your move process.

If you are the one that will be moving out the family home, this can be emotional on various levels. If you can help organize your actual physical moving process, this can help alleviate some of the common stressors and make this easier on your family and yourself. For more tips, contact moving companies like J & L Moving & Storage.