Moving to a Humid Climate? 4 Things to Buy When Unpacking in Your New Home

If you're moving from a cool climate to a humid one, there are likely going to be a number of surprises you'll experience after arriving at your new home. With this in mind, you should prepare for the adjustment by taking a few items along. Instead of waiting until you arrive to pick up some of the following items, make sure to buy them ahead of time and get them in the moving truck so that you will be as comfortable as possible after arriving—especially if you will be moving in the middle of summer when the humidity is high.

Air Circulator

An air conditioner will certainly help you keep the home cool, but it will only be so effective when you have to keep the front door open while moving everything from the truck to inside the house. Most garages are not connected to the cooling system, so it is up to you to cool down this area in another way. An air circulator can move around air at an incredible speed, which can make the air feel cooler than it actually is.


Even with an air conditioner set at a comfortable temperature, it might not feel this way. Humidity plays an enormous role in your comfort level, so it makes sense to fix this problem as soon as you arrive. A standard dehumidifier can provide plenty of relief, especially when you have one situated in an area where it can spread to the most used rooms. With how easy a standard dehumidifier is to pack—similarly to an air circulator—you can be much more comfortable while unpacking all of your boxes.

Lots of Water

Water is not something that you want to be short of when moving to a humid climate. As you get closer to your destination, you may need to start drinking more water because of the climate change. Once you arrive at your new home, you will want to be ready to start unpacking with plenty of water on hand. It is primarily convenient for when you only have your moving truck or when you are moving to a rural area.

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes can be troublesome in humid climates, so it is helpful to be ready for their presence. In addition to equipping yourself with repellent, you may want to consider some other preventive measures such as wearing clothes that cover most or all of your body throughout the unloading process. Dusk and dawn are the most active times for mosquitoes, so be extra cautious during these hours.

Packing several items in preparation for moving to a humid climate is a smart way to guarantee a positive start in your new home. For more information, contact companies like Precisely Right Moving.