Do Storage Facilities Let You Store Food In The Units?

Whether you're a prepper, extreme couponer, or just like to keep your pantry and fridge overflowing with food, finding space to store your goodies is probably an issue. Luckily, many storage facilities allow renters to store food in their units, but there are typically restrictions on what can be kept there. Here's more information about this option and tips on ensuring your food supply stays safe and edible. Acceptable Foodstuffs [Read More]

Get Crafty: How Self-Storage Units Can Help Crafty People Stay Organized

Avid craftpersons and artists know how problematic it can be to ensure projects and supplies stay well organized and under control. While pleasurable, arts and crafts involve a wide variety of supplies. In other words, you need a work area of adequate size to handle it all, or you can easily become overwhelmed with your surroundings. When your hobby has outgrown your kitchen table or guest room, a self-storage unit can help you take charge of your crafts and supplies temporarily or long-term, as leases are extremely flexible. [Read More]

Tips On Storing Stuffed Animals Long Term

Your children's favorite stuffed animals are precious. No matter how old your children become, they will still remember and feel that attachment to the animals they hugged, played with, and cried into during those younger years. When it comes times to pack away these precious toys, you want to make sure they will last. Here are some tips on storing stuffed animals long term. Space Bags Space bags are great if you don't have much space to store several stuffed animals. [Read More]

Pregnant? 5 Tips for a More Comfortable Move

Moving can be a stressful period for anyone, but it becomes increasingly hard when you're moving while pregnant. If you're currently several months pregnant or will be during the time of your upcoming move, it's important that you make special plans to help make the transition as easy possible. By knowing what changes to make when moving while pregnant, you and the baby can stay healthy during this process. Start as Easy as Possible [Read More]